1.1. How can I change my billing information ?

We do not have access to your sensitive billing details. All sensitive information such as banking and credit card numbers is securely stored by our trusted billing companies only. Any changes you may need to make to your billing information must be submitted by you to the billing company you used to join us. If you do not know what billing company you used, we can help you with that. Just ask us and we will give you all the required contact information.

1.2. How do I cancel my rebilling ?

If you wish to cancel, Click Here. You can find your billing company on your confirmation email or by retrieving your password.
If you have any trouble, please contact us.


2.1. I cannot login. Why ?

There are a few possible reasons. Make sure your membership hasn't expired yet. It's also possible that you are using the wrong username/password combination. Check your purchase confirmation email that was sent to you when you originally signed up. All of your login info will be in that email. Check your junk/spam folder if you are using a web based email service such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail since they sometimes mistakingly send our emails there. If you deleted the email or you are still having trouble logging in, please contact our customer support center. One of our agents will be standing by to assist you in logging in.

2.2. I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it ?

In order to obtain your password, Click Here and select the site that you had originally signed-up for. You will then be asked to provide your e-mail address and once completed, your password will be e-mailed back to you. If you have any trouble, please contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with your password or any other login information once your membership can be confirmed.

2.3. Where is the site I became member of?

XXX Home Video is a network of different sites with a combined member area, so you'll be able to watch the content of the site you became a member of AND additionally all the other sites from the XXX Home Video network as well! You can browse by site, niche, model, updates, favorites or by search.

2.4. My account has been blocked. Why was my account blocked and what can I do to un-block it ?

For security reasons your account may have been blocked due to a sudden increase in the number of logins to the account. It is possible that your username and password have been discovered and/or shared/posted on the internet. Your personal data is secured and no transactions can be made during this blocked period. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to have your password changed and account unblocked.

2.5. I would like to sell my own home videos to XXX Home Video. How can I do that ?

We would love to see what you've got ! We have some important information to get your started, so please visit our information page for everything you need to know to sell us your own xxx home video.

2.6. How do I report a problem with the website or content ?

If you ever get an error, see a broken link, missing video file or anything else that appears to be broken, please contact us. We want to hear about it. Tell us about the problem, describe where you saw it and if possible, provide us with the address of the page. We will investigate and correct any reported issues right away, and we will also try to make it worth your time. All full members that find and report a legitimate error, will receive one free month of access.


3.1. Do your videos have DRM or other technology with viewing restrictions?

No, once downloaded you can watch our movies for as long as you keep them.

3.2. How do I download Videos to my Computer ?

First go to the scene that you would like to download. Make sure you are in the Movies tab. To the right of the video description there is a "Full Video Download" box. You will see a choice of MPEG4, WMV and Mobile formats. Select the format you want to download by simply clicking the button. Depending on your browser, your download may start automatically or you may be prompted to choose a place to save your video. For users with a slower connections such as dial-up, you might want to try downloading the 3 Min Clips instead of the full videos. The movies are cut up into 3 minute segments so that downloads are a little faster due to the smaller file size.

3.3. How do I stream Videos on the site ?

In order to stream content directly from the site, you need to have a broadband Internet Connection such as DSL or Cable. Unfortunately, dial-up connections are too slow for streaming good quality video. The full video will automatically start streaming once you have arrived on a video page. You can also stream clips from the individual clips area on each video page by clicking the Play link for that clip.

3.4. How can I watch these videos on my TV ?

There are many ways to accomplish this. If you have a WiFi connected TV or other WiFi connected device, it is as easy as downloading the video to your computer, and then setting up that TV or WiFi device to connect to your computer. Instructions for this should be available with your TV or WiFi device. You could also burn the video to a DVD, or purchase a DVD copy from us, and watch on your DVD player. Some laptops also allow you to connect directly to your TV.

3.5. I can hear the audio, but I can't see any video. How do I fix this ?

It is most likely due to the fact that you are missing the DivX codec on your PC. You can download it for free from DivX's official site here. Once downloaded, install it and restart your computer. You should then be able to play the movies you downloaded without a problem.

3.6. What do I do if the streaming videos pause every few seconds ?

First, you need to have a broadband internet connection such as DSL or Cable. Dial-up connections are too slow for streaming good quality video. Next, make sure you have an updated browser and Adobe Flash player installed if available. If the movie is still freezing every few seconds, try waiting 30 seconds before clicking the play button again. That should give the player enough time to buffer enough video in advance to play without stopping.

3.7. What is the difference between the MPEG4, WMV, FLASH and Mobile Formats ?

The main difference is the file compression.
MPEG4 is a modern format, but you may need to download a new movie player such as the latest version of Winamp from The file compression is extremely good while still maintaining good quality video. Older computers may have trouble viewing this format and as a result, the picture may be "jumpy" on such systems.
WMV is ideal for anyone running a Windows PC using Windows Media Player. It is a common format that offers good compression.
FLASH is mostly for online streaming and is not recommended for downloading. It may require a special player to play from your computer.
3GP 352x288 is ideal for older mobile devices and your blackberry.
MP4 320 is for newer mobile devices.
Both mobile formats are resized to reduce file size and to save bandwidth for downloading on data plans.

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